Matthias Leifgen

Alia Tayer

Alia Tayer is a patent engineer with a background in chemical engineering. Her undergraduate studies at the University of Manchester have allowed her to develop an understanding of various aspects of industrial processes such as manufacturing plant design, optimization and process control. After completing a master’s project in near-infrared tomography for the monitoring of gas phase reactions, Alia worked for several years on the development of bespoke tools and machines for a well-known automotive manufacturer. Before joining the team of Hertin & Partner, she spent several years working IP in a Spanish-speaking law firm.

Through her experience in industry and in the legal sector, she can draw on experience in the following areas:

  • Liquid and gas treatment processes such as distillation, absorption, filtration
  • Power generation including gas turbines, wind turbines, molten salt thermosolar plants
  • Mechanical equipment such as presses, pumps, valves, mixers, heat exchangers
  • Measurement methods and devices such as optical and spectroscopic technologies
  • Printing and coating technologies including additive printing, manufacture of consumer goods
  • Display backlight reflectors, head up displays, OLEDs

Alia joined Hertin & Partner in 2021 working in the area of patent, design, and trademark law.