Employee Invention Law

We take care of your inventions made under employment relationships

Employee invention law regulates how inventive activities and suggestions regarding technical improvements made by an employee in line with the scope of employment are treated. An employee is any individual employed in the private and public sector, as well as civil servants and members of the military.

The employee has to notify his employer of his inventions. The employer may use such inventions after having compensated the employee adequately in return.

The patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law of HERTIN & Partner possess a wealth of experience in dealing with employee inventions. We see to it that your legally protected interests regarding your invention are enforced.

Our services in the area of employee invention law

Amongst other things, our services comprise:

  • Clarification whether an invention or development of an enhancement is an employee invention
  • Assistance in notifying in regard to an employee invention or in claiming an employee invention
  • Calculation of adequate compensation for an employee invention
  • Consultation in regard to conducting negotiations or conducting negotiations regarding adequate compensation as well as formulating agreements regarding employee inventions
  • Establishing suitable settlement systems for employee inventions or
  • Representation during disputes regarding rights and obligations arising from the employee invention law including the representation of your interests at the Arbitration Board under the Employee Inventions Act of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office or the respective district courts

You can also count on us for all other matters regarding the employee invention law.

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Our team responsible for Employee Invention law comprises Dr. Sven Lange, Dr. Hermann-Josef Omsels and Julia Becker.