Dr. Luke Buchanan

Dr. Luke Buchanan

Luke Buchanan is a European patent attorney and offers comprehensive advice in all issues of European and international patent law, focusing especially on the areas of life sciences, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals.

Creative and efficient strategies for the protection of your technology

In combining scientific and legal expertise, Luke Buchanan develops creative and efficient strategies for the optimal patent protection of your inventions.

Luke Buchanan is a competent consultant for both established companies, as well as for startups and academics involved in basic research, and will provide you with a tailored consultation and filing strategy, adapted to the developmental stage of your invention, the legal and technical environment as well as your individual economic circumstances.

Dr. Luke Buchanan
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Luke Buchanan is accredited by the European Patent Office (EPO) and possesses a broad range of experience and know-how when it comes to preparing patent applications and executing international patent examination proceedings. Luke Buchanan’s clients stem primarily from the technical fields of genetic engineering, diagnostics, therapeutic methods, antibody development, biologics, small molecule/drug development, stem cell therapy, immunology, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, plastics development and software inventions (applied and computer implemented methods/systems).

After having completed his studies at University of Canterbury, New Zealand (biochemistry, genetics; (BSc. (Hons) First Class)) and industrial research activities (molecular microbiology; AgResearch Ltd), Luke Buchanan earned his doctorate (Dr. rer. nat. (PhD)) with the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) and the Biotechnology Center (BIOTEC) of Dresden University of Technology (epigenetic gene regulation, genomics, proteomics).

Luke Buchanan has worked for HERTIN & Partner since 2009.


Dr. Luke Buchanan, "specialized in advising the biotechnical and biopharmaceutical industry, has a 'high degree of scientific competence and works in an accurate and dedicated manner (…)'." The Legal 500 – Germany 2014

"The 'dedicated and motivated' Berlin patent law team of HERTIN & Partner is highly specialized in life sciences, is expanding the area of medical technology, and has niche expertise in the protection of new therapy treatments."

The Legal 500 – Germany 2014

What Luke Buchanan can do for you

Luke Buchanan provides consultation and representation in all issues regarding the patent protection of your technology.

This includes:

  • Personal consultation regarding application strategy or further research options for your invention or the inventions/patents of your competitors
  • Preparation and processing of European and international patent applications in various technical fields
  • Representation in European patent application matters/opposition procedures
  • Establishment and maintenance of international patent portfolios
  • Preparation of expert opinions in the areas of patentability, analysis of claim scope in addition to freedom to operate analyses