Matthias Leifgen

Dr. Matthias Leifgen

Matthias Leifgen is a patent engineer and physicist. After completing his studies at the Université de Genève, he was involved in various development and research projects in the field of optics, in particular in the field of optical and quantum-mechanical encryption technologies. He completed his doctorate at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Matthias Leifgen
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Through his interdisciplinary research activities and his work as a patent engineer, he can draw on extensive expertise, including in the following areas:

* Optical modulation method

* Telecommunication technology

* Optical measurement methods (inter alia interferometry, laser technology and software development)

* Electronics, Development of Printed Circuit Boards, Microelectronics

* Semiconductor technology, especially semiconductor sensors and semiconductor-based light sources

* Thermodynamics (heat pumps, cooling circuits)

* Mechanical engineering and equipment technology