Dr. Sven Lange

Dr. Sven Lange

Dr. Sven Lange is your patent and trademark attorney for the protection of your technological developments, your design creations and brand names or logos. Both The Legal 500 and KANZLEIEN IN DEUTSCHLAND (Law Firms of Germany) recommend him as a patent expert. He loves complicated cases and is very partial; however, he has the necessary experience to advise you in an objective and successful manner. His clients benefit from a wealth of experience with national and international patent and trademark offices. Not only is he able to put himself in the position of inventors or creators of designs or names, and other creative minds, but also in the minds of examiners working in the patent and trademark offices.

Dr. Sven Lange
Enthusiasm and a broad range of experience

Not only his clients, but also his students, value his enthusiasm and broad range of experience and knowledge. He has been teaching European and international patent law and employee invention law as assistant professor for many years.

Dr. Sven Lange received his doctorate at the intersection of physics and chemistry. He carried out research at various universities (e.g. Humboldt University of Berlin, University of California, Los Angeles), in large research institutes such as the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine and in medium-sized businesses such as Niedersächsische Peptidforschungsinstitut GmbH.

See for yourself

Dr. Sven Lange studied chemistry and biophysics at Bernhard-Nocht-Institut (BNI) Hamburg, Humboldt University of Berlin, Max Delbrück Center, Charité, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Greifswald; he earned his doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) at Humboldt University of Berlin; he was research assistant (postdoc) in the area of molecular biophysics at Humboldt University of Berlin and Niedersächsische Peptidforschungsinstitut GmbH.

Specialties: Process engineering, medical engineering and apparatus engineering, phototonic technologies, electrical engineering, chemistry, new materials, pharmaceuticals, bioanalysis, cosmetics, food technology, environmental technology and biotechnology as well as software inventions.

  • "The 'dedicated and motivated' Berlin patent law team of HERTIN & Partner is highly specialized in life sciences, is expanding the area of medical technology, and has niche expertise in the protection of new therapy treatments. Among its clients are predominantly research institutes (…) as well as pharmaceutical companies (…). Clients value the 'very harmonious and targeted cooperation' with 'a high degree of efficiency,' and the 'great value for money.' Sven Lange, expert in the interface of molecular biology and physics possesses 'detailed legal knowledge' and 'works in a balanced and sure manner'." The Legal 500 – Germany 2014
  • "The patent attorneys together with the attorneys-at-law of HERTIN & Partner offer comprehensive advice in issues regarding patent law, employee invention law, contract preparation and licensing agreements, highly suitable for life sciences and pharmaceutical companies. Here, the focus is on the interest of the client in a high-quality and cost-efficient consultation and representation." Kanzleien in Deutschland - 2014