Internet Law

All is well in cyberspace?

Cyberlaw is a catch-all for all legal questions connected to activities on the Internet. It is about the handling of domains and copyright content, website design, reliability of business models, compliance with a multitude of obligations to inform regarding the online presence of your company, establishing your online shop and platforms, protection of personal rights, processing of transaction via the Internet and much more.

For many years, HERTIN & Partner has been supporting clients whose business activities take place over the Internet, either directly or indirectly. The spectrum ranges from web hosts and online portals to renowned online retailers. We also enforce the protection of your industrial property rights, copyrights and personal rights on the Internet, in court as well as out of court. Benefit from the competence and expertise of our attorneys-at-law regarding cyberlaw.

Our services in the area of cyberlaw

Amongst other things, our services comprise:

  • Clarification of the legal framework regarding the use of your domain and enforcing or blocking claims related to your domain
  • Review of the reliability of your business model on the Internet and related questions regarding liability and responsibility
  • Legal support regarding the design and presentation of your website
  • Consultation and representation in view of service providers (web hosts, website designers, etc.)
  • Consultation regarding legal requirements for your website, including the implementation of a legally acceptable ordering process
  • Enforcement or blocking of cease and desist orders regarding your online presence or the online presence of a competitor
  • Protection of your copyrights, personal rights and trademark rights on the Internet

… and much more

You can also count on us in all other matters regarding cyberlaw.

Contact Persons with HERTIN & Partner

Our team comprises of the legal attorneys Dr. Hermann-Josef Omsels and Christian Zott in addition to the patent attorneys Dr. Tobias Boeckh and Julia Becker.