We accompany you during important contract negotiations

Licensing agreements and know-how contracts can decide the success and failure of your corporate values. Thus, you should entrust competent and experienced attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys with the preparation and negotiation of licensing agreements.

The team of HERTIN & Partner possesses a wealth of experience in the preparation, review and negotiation of licensing agreements and know-how contracts regarding industrial property rights and copyright. We know the regulations that should be in your contracts and the pitfalls you should avoid.

Our services in the area of licensing law

Amongst other things, our services comprise:

  • Preparation of new licensing agreements and review of existing ones
  • Clarification of the legal framework and actual basic principles for a licensing agreement and know-how contract in the area of patent law, trademark law, copyright or design law, including influences of competition law
  • Demonstration and discussion regarding options that arise during contract negotiations and while entering into a licensing agreement or know-how contract
  • Conducting contract negotiations or accompanying you to such negotiations
  • Legal cover of the signing of a contract
  • Establishment of a system to ensure the rights and obligations arising from a signed licensing agreement and know-how contract
  • In addition, you can count on us in all matters regarding your licensing agreements and know-how contracts. Our attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys explain
  • the scope of your rights and obligations in existing licensing agreements
  • the option for possible subsequent negotiations
  • Prerequisites and consequences of a possible contract cancelation

… and much more

We also support you in enforcing your contractual rights in view of your contractual partners.

Contact Persons with HERTIN & Partner

Our team comprises Dr. Hermann-Josef Omsels and Christian Zott in addition to the patent attorneys Dr. Tobias Boeckh, Dr. Sven Lange and Julia Becker.