Prof. Dr. Paul W. Hertin

Prof. Dr. Paul W. Hertin

Paul W. Hertin is your attorney-at-law when it comes to copyright and media law, trademark law and competition law, as well as personal rights. Thanks to his experience spanning decades and a well-founded expertise, he provides the most competent legal advice and will enforce your position and pursue your goals in the most effective manner possible.

A passionate advocate for copyright

Paul W. Hertin is passionate about pursuing his client’s interests. Over his many years of professional practice his furor for defending his client’s rights, characterizing a true lawyer, has only grown. Colleagues value him due to his proven competence, displayed in numerous publications and high profile cases. Opponents respect him due his strength in character, as he is always on the side of the law and not of the assumed stronger party.

Prof. Dr. Paul W. Hertin
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Prof. Dr. Paul W. Hertin


  • Co-author of "Münchener Vertragshandbuch" [professional legal publication in several volumes]; volume 3, business law II, sample contracts for the areas of music, film and radio broadcasting, 6th edition 2009, published by C.H. Beck (currently under revision)
  • Co-editor of "Mestmäcker/Schulze, Kommentar zum deutschen Urheberrecht" [commentary on German copyright]; published by Luchterhand, 2005
  • Co-author of "Fezer, Lauterkeitsrecht: UWG" [competition law: German Act Against Unfair Competition]; 2nd edition 2010, published by C.H. Beck (currently under revision)
  • Author of "Hertin, Lehrbuch zum Urheberrecht" [textbook on copyright]; 2nd edition 2008, published by C.H. Beck
  • Author of numerous professional articles regarding copyright, publishing law and competition law

Teaching activities:

  • Honorary professor at Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK) [Berlin University of the Arts]
  • Associate lecturer at Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen Potsdam [now: Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf]


  • Member of the committee of experts for copyright and publishing law of Deutsche Vereinigung für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht (GRUR) [German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property]
  • Member of the committee for intellectual property of Deutscher Anwaltsverein [German association of lawyers]

"Clients of HERTIN & Partner value the 'comprehensive industry knowledge in the area of copyright fees.' Paul Hertin consults in regards to copyright in the areas of film, broadcasting, entertainment and publishing, (…)" The Legal 500 – Germany 2014 and 2013

"HERTIN & Partner can be 'recommended in good conscience' for the 'speedy, uncomplicated and open communication, unpretentious consultation and outstanding legal knowledge'" The Legal 500 – Germany 2014

"In several proceedings regarding copyright, trademark law and competition law, HERTIN has won groundbreaking proceedings in the past couple of years. Prof. Dr. Paul W. Hertin, who gave the law firm its name, is seen as one of the leading experts in the area of copyright and media in Germany (entertainment law, broadcasting law, press law and publishing law)." Kanzleien in Deutschland – 2014

"We recommend the (…) 'very experienced' Paul Hertin." The Legal 500 – Germany 2014

"Traditionally, HERTIN & Partner represents individuals but also companies in all areas of copyright and entertainment law, especially in the music and literature sectors. The law firm’s team and Paul Hertin, whose 'wealth of experience and top-class expert knowledge' are valued by clients, represents (…) a music publisher in a test case against GEMA [Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights]." The Legal 500 – Germany 2014

"Paul Hertin, who gave the law firm its name, is well-respected." The Legal 500 – Germany 2011/2012

What Paul W. Hertin can do for you

Paul W. Hertin provides answers to your questions regarding copyright and entertainment law, trademark law, competition law or personal rights. This includes, amongst other things:

  • Questions regarding the protection and the enforcement of rights arising from your creative activities
  • Consultation and representation in all legal disputes with your contractual partners or third parties
  • Preparation of expert opinions and the representation of your legal interests regarding general issues pertaining to copyright and entertainment law